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Our Policy

PT Pakarti Riken Indonesia use all of our ability optimally to win the customer trust and satisfaction through technology, service and best value product and improve it continually for the benefit of the community. 


Top management of PT Pakarti Riken Indonesia along with all staff realize that taking care of the earth and environment is an important matter in the life of human kind and the nature conservation.

To run the policy program, PT Pakarti Riken Indonesia will take some action as follow.

1. Obedient to the formal law and rules.

The willingness to obey the conservation law and rule and realize the influence of production activity as well as preventive action and continuous improvement in actual and equal action to the damage of the environment.

 2.  Maintain the earth and environment

Taking care of the earth and environment in global way by assuming and analyzing the influence in all level of product development, design and production output.

 3. Promoting the energy saver and waste reduction

Developing the equipment, design, operational by keeping our self aware to the environment need and execute the action effectively to reduce the waste, energy consumption, resources and avoid the pollution.

 4. Continuous improvement to the conservation

Continually plan the improvement and the conservation of environment by determining the purpose and target 

 5. Contribution to the community

As a kind industrial organization, supporting and working together forcefully in a positive way to protect the environment in harmony

 6. Official announcement of environment policy

Officially socializing the environment policy to all level in organization and inform to the relevant function outside of our company



We, the company, aim for open and highly transparent atmosphere with primary target to provide superior quality of the product while excluding any kind of injustice and KKN (Corruption, Collusion & Nepotism) from daily operation as well as contributing to realize the safe and clean environment.

We, all of the directors and employees, recognize that most important duty imposed on corporate citizen is to respect and abide the laws, social norms and company regulations in order to prevent the scandal such as falsehood and claim concealment, and as well as to maintain the trust from customers which is most important asset for us, and we never do any conduct against the above, never let subordinate to do, and never ignore other directors or employees to do.

( Extract version of the Ethic Standard of PT Pakarti Riken Indonesia)

1Relationship with Society & Region

1Contribution to the society

2Preservation of the earth environment

3Assurance of safety and quality

2Respect of Basic Human Right and Prohibition on Discrimination

1Any conduct to violate basic human rights from discriminative treatment on race, belief, nationality, birth place, religion, physical character, language, etc, and from offense, slander and joke as well as to neglect or promote such violation are never permitted.

2All of the directors and employees are not allowed to tolerate so-called “sexual harassment” to generate unpleasant feeling from the worsen atmosphere of workplace by sexual offence, indecent speech, arousing image/picture, as well as to give disadvantage treatment on it.

3Relationship with Business Partner (Customer & Supplier)

1Obedience of laws and relevant regulations

2Relationship with fair and justice

3Gift giving/receiving                           

In order to maintain fair corporate relationship with business partner  (customer/supplier) in daily business transaction,;

3.1gift or benefit in any kind, tangible or intangible, direct or indirect, shall not be received unconditionally.

3.2it is not permitted to exchange money and goods or entertainment with business partner who is in the influential position on the business decision. It is not permitted to receive gift of which value is more than the conventional wisdom of the society, even it is offered by the favor of business partner.

IVAction to Injustice

1We, our company, are never involved with any individual, group, organization who have a bad influence on social order and healthy activity of the business corporation, are never accepting any antisocial request from them, and will inform to the authority if necessary.

2Concerning the injustice and crime from fraud, blackmail, etc related to the business activity, we take corporate action in a resolute manner instead of the individual action.




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