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As an effort to realize welfare, management and all levels of the PT PAKARTI RIKEN INDONESIA organization, realize that occupational safety & health, maintenance of the earth's environment and satisfaction of interested parties are important issues in carrying out the company's operational activities. To realize this policy, PT PAKARTI RIKEN INDONESIA will apply high standards in implementing the following.

1. Prevent accidents, fires & occupational diseases, environmental pollution, customer complaints and other interested parties, by continuously controlling the risks of K3LM company operations, and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

2. Incorporate aspects of K3LM, efficiency and effectiveness of production processes, since the planning stage of equipment & process development, to ensure occupational safety & health, environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction.

3. To increase competitiveness, companies need to build a K3 culture, improve the skills and expertise of all levels of the organization by developing human resource competencies.

4. Given the past occurrence of fatal accidents related to machinery, the company prioritizes to reduce the risk of Fatal hazards and STOP 6.

5. Playing an active role in increasing knowledge and awareness of K3LM to contractors, suppliers, and the surrounding community to maintain harmonious relationships.

6. Make special policies in accordance with changes in company conditions, regional, national and global that can affect the sustainability of the company's business.

This K3LM policy is made so that it can be used in preparing K3 programs at relevant levels ranging from division to operation. Policy updates on government, internal and external issues are carried out at least 1 time a year.


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