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Our Procurement Policy
1. Open and Fair through free competition
2. Sourcing globally
3. Seeking supplier satisfying with quality, cost, delivery and service
For potential supplier who willing to deal with us, find our regular request below along with the standard requirement and please call the contact person or send your email to procurement@parin.co.id

Material Category

No. Material Item Name Quantity Contact Person
1 Production Material

Fe Mangan

15 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
2 Production Material

Fe Sulphur

3 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
3 Prodution Material

Fe Phospor

6 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
4 Production Material

Fe Silicone

45 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
5 Production Material

Pig Iron

20 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
6 Production Material

Steel Scrap

3,000 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
7 Production Material

Toyo Baron

12 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
8 Production Material


88 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
9 Supporting Material

Oil Isopal

1,200 Liter / Month Mrs Tyas
10 Supporting Material

Oil Turalic

2,200 Liter / Month Mrs Tyas
11 Supporting Material

Resin Coat Sand

325 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
12 Supporting Material


7 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
13 Supporting Material


6 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
14 Supporting Material


2,800 Kg / Month Mrs Tyas
15 Supporting Material

Steel Shot

17 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
16 Supporting Material

Silica Sand

90,000 Pcs / Month Mrs Tyas
17 Supporting Material


180 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
18 Supporting Material


7,500 Pcs / Month Mrs Tyas
19 Supporting Material

Slag Ace

28 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
20 Supporting Material

Patch Graphite

22 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
21 Supporting Material


1.5 tons / Month Mrs Tyas
22 Supporting Material


14,000 Liter / Month Mrs Tyas
23 Supporting Material

Fused Silica

15 Tons / Month Mrs Tyas
24 Supporting Material


16,000 Liter / Month Mrs Tyas
25 Supporting Material

Strainer Core

90,000 Pcs / Month Mrs Tyas
26 Machinery Spare Part

Bolts and Nuts

By Request Mrs Tyas
27 Machinery Spare Part


By Request Mrs Tyas
28 Machinery Spare Part

Forklift Part

By Request Mrs Tyas
29 Machinery Spare Part

Welding Wire

By Request Mrs Tyas
30 Machinery Spare Part

Gauge Devices

By Request Mrs Tyas
31 Machinery Spare Part

Jig and Ficture

By Request Mrs Tyas
32 Machinery Spare Part

Grinding Wheel

By Request Mrs Tyas
33 Machinery Spare Part

Van Belt

By Request Mrs Tyas
34 Machinery Spare Part

Iron Plate

By Request Mrs Tyas
35 Others

IT Equipment

By Request Mrs Tyas
36 Others

Office Equipment

By Request Mrs Tyas

Service Category

No. Service Discription Contact Person
1 Delivery

Export to Malaysia

Mrs Shenny
2 Delivery

Export to Japan

Mr Heriyanto
3 Delivery

Export to Thailand

Mrs Shenny
4 Delivery

Surabaya to Jakarta

Mrs Shenny
5 Delivery

Surabaya to Semarang

Mrs Shenny
6 Maintenance

Machinery Scrape

Mr Mahmud
7 Maintenance

Machinery Troubleshooting

Mr Mahmud
8 Others

3rd Party Labor Resourcing

Mrs Lusi
9 Others

Office and AC Maintenance

Mrs Lusi
10 Others

Catering Service

Mrs Lusi
11 Others

Car Repair and Maintenance

Mrs Lusi
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